Car Link Procedures

Car Link Guidance

Car Link makes good, serviceable vehicles available to low income families in need of reliable transportation. At this time Car Link is not able to furnish vehicles to people that do not have a vehicle to exchange. Because of the demand for these vehicles we have had to establish the following guidance.

  1. Car Link vehicles will only be available to families that own a vehicle that should not be on the road because of safety or mechanical conditions. Cars will be exchanged to give a better vehicle to the family.
  2. To help individuals obtain a vehicle and to ensure they can afford the expenses associated with a vehicle, we ask that all applicants work with one of our screening agencies who will verify need and the ability to handle vehicle costs.  These organisations also can help in many other financial areas. Applications for vehicles will go through them. Agencies are:
    1. KOACH – Here is a link to the website:
  3. Organizations that know the financial and personal situation of a needy family can send an email to requesting the exchange of vehicles. The following information must be verified by the organization prior to requesting a vehicle.
    1. The family’s vehicle must have a clear title. No liens or loans can exist on the vehicle.
    2. The family must be able to establish insurance to cover the Car Link vehicle at the time of exchange.
    3. Drivers of the Car Link vehicle must have a current driver’s license.
  4. In the request please explain the situation with the family and the vehicle. Include the following information:
    1. Description of the vehicle. (Make, model, year, mileage, VIN number)
    2. Description of the problems with the vehicle.
  5. A committee of the Community Link ABQ Board of Directors will evaluate the request and let you know its status. A mechanic may want to look at the vehicle.
  6. At the time of transfer the following will be accomplished:
    1. A vehicle emissions inspection may be conducted by an authorized agency.
    2. The NM Affidavit of Gift of Motor Vehicle or Boat Form will be notarized.
    3. A copy of driver’s licenses will be made.
    4. A letter from the family’s insurance carrier will be furnished to Car Link to show the vehicle is covered by insurance.
    5. The Car Link vehicle title will be signed by both parties to show the transfer.
    6. The family’s vehicle title will be signed by both parties to show the transfer.
    7. IRS Form 1098-C, Contributions of Motor Vehicles, Boats, and Airplanes, will be completed.
  7. A representative of Car Link will accompany the family to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to process the vehicle, obtain a license plate if required and to pay the transfer fees. The representative will furnish DMV a copy of the “Authorization to perform Car Link vehicle processing” letter.
  8. If the vehicle being donated to Community Link is to go to salvage title transfer does not need to be done (and paid for). The funds collected will be a cash donation from the donor to Community Link.
  9. If the family is agreeable, pictures will be taken at the time of title transfer.  A release statement will be signed for the Car Link Program and Community Link ABQ to utilize the pictures in publicizing the program.