So you Want to Volunteer?

So you want to volunteer?     (Presentation Outline)

AUDIENCE:  Potential Volunteers for social service organizations – 2-18 people

TIME:  Schedule ½ hour set up | 1 hour presentation | ½ hour clean up


  1. Their passion is the key to a successful volunteer experience
  2. There are thousands of opportunities – if one does not fit try another
  3. Start right where you are – what are you involved with right now?
  4. 3 Main web sites to find opportunities
  5. They must take the initiative.
  6. There are things to look into when evaluation opportunities

PROCESS/TECHNIQUES USED:  Discussions – interactions


  1. Computers if possible – for database use if necessary
  2. Laptop & projector if necessary
  3. Sign in sheets
  4. Web sites hand out
  5. Business cards with Volunteer Hotline on it
  6. NTEE Codes hand out

WHERE TO HOLD CLASS:  Libraries, community centers, senior centers, businesses, churches

COORDINATION REQUIRED:  Schedule & publicize well in advance.


  1. Introduce the presenter(s)
  2. Give a brief background on Community Link ABQ & the Action Centers.
  3. Our goal is to help you find and link up with a volunteer opportunity for a meaningful experience
  4. Give statistics on ABQ & NM Volunteerism
    1. 501(c)3 : NM 6,085    —     ABQ   1,871    –  as of 8/23/2016
    2. Other organization – Churches – Local governments – national organizations
    3. Organizations with opportunities (Estimate): NM 10,000   –   ABQ   2,500
    4. Assuming 4 volunteer position per organization – ABQ 10,000 opportunities
  5. Economic impact is huge – Each volunteer hours is worth $20.30 in NM.
  6. Approximately 1/3 of opportunities are in the faith based community – charity is one of the foundations of Christianity & other religions.  Many organization were founded by faith based groups; Hospitals, Habitat for Humanity, the Store House, the Rescue Mission, Noonday Ministries to name a few.



  1. Why: There are as many reasons to volunteer as there are people
  2. What do you want to do?
    1. Your passion will make it meaningful
  3. How find out about opportunities:
    1. What are you doing right now? – Lady refurbishing furniture – your church?
    2. What are your friends doing? Would you like to be with them
    3. Where do you spend your money?
    4. Newspapers
    5. Bulletin boards
      1. Libraries
      2. Community Centers
  • Multi-Generational Centers
  1. Senior Centers
  2. Where you work
  1. Internet: Search on interests – can be very time consuming
  2. Internet: Go to main web sites where opportunities are posted – 3 main ones in ABQ
    1. Very small numbers of opportunities listed here
    2. They use different title for the way you search – you need to know your passion to make this work well
  • ABQ Volunteers – City of Albuquerque – mostly city opportunities – has sub-sites that will be going away
  1. Volunteer Connection – United Way Center for Nonprofit Excellence- 4 counties (Bernalillo, Valencia, Torrance & Sandoval)
  2. Share New Mexico – State-wide – all will feed into this eventually
  1. Volunteer Hotline 296-3114
  1. When you find an opportunity what should you look for?
    1. Is it meaningful to you & others? Does it fit your passion?
    2. Settle on one & try it for 3 months to determine if it is a good fit.
    3. If it is a good fit stay – if not, go try something else
    4. What are the time requirements? Are you willing to commit the needed time & effort?
    5. What are they asking you to do? Can you physically do it?
    6. What training are they going to give you?
    7. Are the working conditions safe & secure?
  2. What does the organization expect from you?
    1. A commitment to what you have agreed to do
    2. Communications of issues – ex: late for show up time – they count on you
    3. Good customer service – friendly & helpful
    4. Dress appropriately – you represent the organization when you are there.

CONCLUSION:  Volunteers are a critical part of American society.  If you are interested in volunteering you must take the initiative. Coming to this presentation was a big step in that initiative.   It all starts with your passion because it will motivate you and help make any volunteer situation meaningful to both you and the organization you are working with.

If you want to talk to us about linking up with an opportunity their see us after this or call our Volunteer Hotline (505) 296-3114.