What We Do

To support our mission we operate an Action Center and are developing a second one in Albuquerque that:

  1. Support volunteerism by operating a Volunteer Hotline which helps people link their passions to volunteer opportunities.  This is supported by a proprietary database that is used to track over 2,500 organizations in the Albuquerque area that utilize volunteers to support their missions;
  2. Hosts participants from job development programs such as Career Link, Temporary Assistant to Needy Families  (TANF) and Goodwill.  They learn job skills and we help them in their search for employment;
  3. Coordinate fund raising opportunities for organizations for the past five years at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.  In 2015 23 organizations shared in $33,174 generated in 11 days;
  4. Give presentations on the relationship between volunteerism, employment, positive attitude, caring communities and the economy; and
  5.  Coordinate service projects for local and out of town teams.